24 Wellesley Street, Toronto, Canada +1 (416) 546-2873

Located in downtown core, Figs & Olives aims to bring authentic and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine to Toronto

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Fig and Olive trees have existed in the Middle East for thousands of years. They symbolize life, health, and friendship. We are inspired by the beauty and the meaning these trees hold in Middle Eastern culture, and that is why we chose Figs and Olives to be the name of our restaurant.

At Figs and Olives, we serve authentic Middle Eastern cuisine that is made of fresh ingredients, and aims to satisfy the tastes and diets of all our customers. Our concept is to have customers eat food that is homemade and authentic, and is created with original recipes, high quality and fresh ingredients. We aim to satisfy the tastes, diets, and lifestyles of all our customers. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and dessert for dine-in or takeout and we’ve designed a contemporary and friendly environment for those who would like to eat and socialize.



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A neighborhood kitchen and cafe that is driven by passion for authentic cuisine, creativity, and genuine experiences. We are passionate about showcasing vibrant flavours from the Middle East. Come by to our restaurant at Bay & Wellesley to grab a quick bite at lunch or a nice get-together in the evening with your friends!

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